Paint Systems: Shot-Blasting, Pre-Treatment, E-Coat, Powder and Wet Coating

Paint Systems: Shot-Blasting, Pre-Treatment, E-Coat, Powder and Wet Coating

Effective corrosion protection of essential component parts is a crucial aspect of the vehicle build process


The accurate preparation of surfaces prior to painting is critical and requires the utmost care if consistently clean and corrosion-resistant surfaces are to be achieved.

The first step of the surface preparation process for large welded structures is shot-blasting. Shot-blasting removes any rust and leaves the surface of the metal feeling ‘rough’ which improves paint adhesion in the coating operation.

Once an item has been shot-blasted it is important that all ‘shot’ material – sand, in most cases - is removed. CTI Systems' dedicated de-sanding device safely rotates and tilts each pre-painted part several times so that any excess ‘shot’ falls away to leave the surface of the component ‘shot’ free.

Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

With CTI’s range of spray washing systems and immersion baths even the largest, unusually complex or bulky pieces can be thoroughly and efficiently cleaned. And, with environmental concerns high on the corporate agenda, water and waste treatment equipment along with water demineralisation and filter solutions are an integral part of every CTI Systems installation. Alongside zinc phosphating lines, you will also find specific thin film technology equipment within CTI Systems' portfolio.


Along with powder coating, electro-coating –or E-coating as it is commonly known - is considered the most efficient and environmentally-friendly painting technology. E-coating delivers outstanding levels of corrosion resistance and CTI’s software systems allow application flexibility and a first class finish to be achieved consistently.

Powder Coating

Fully integrated multi- and uni-colour powder paint booths ensure that the powder coating process is highly automated and, by combining eco-friendly powder coating technology with CTI Systems’ process automation software, significant cost savings – as well as a high quality product finish - are achieved.

Wet Coating

In addition to traditional wet paint booths for manual paint application, CTI Systems can offer a choice of fully integrated robotic wet paint solutions as part of an integrated flow line to meet every user’s unique requirements.

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