Automated Reports - OEE - CMMS

Automated Reports - OEE - CMMS

Leverage data to make your factory even more efficient

Automated Reports

Take informed decisions

Using real-time access to your production data, CTI Systems' reports designer makes creating custom-made reports intuitive and straightforward.

What can you expect from our reports designer?

  • Real-time data aggregated from different data sources
  • Design and store your own report templates
  • Run your reports automatically and get runtime displayer in your report viewer
  • Export tables, charts and visual presentations

OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Identify areas of improvement to optimise performance

CTI Systems' OEE module allows users to analyse production performance at every step of the process. Whether monitoring individual machine or the entire manufacturing plant, our module analyses relevant data to identify weaknesses and opportunities.

What can you expect from our OEE?

  • Work at machine, factory floor or plant level
  • Identify unplanned downtimes
  • Monitor machines and equipment efficiency
  • Implement changes to all similar equipment

CMMS – Computerised Maintenance Management System

Optimise your daily maintenance processes

CTI Systems' CMMS software enables users to create a database containing all the necessary information to support and optimise an efficient and highly effective daily maintenance regime.

What can you expect from our CMMS?

Scheduled and unplanned Maintenance

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Reactive Maintenance


  • Equipment management
  • Material management
  • Maintenance planning
  • Work order list
  • Planning table
  • Work order execution
  • Maintenance history
  • Document management
  • Messaging system
  • Down time management
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