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Creating Reality

Enter the Factory of the Future… Now!

Dynamic Visualisation

Monitor your warehouse or factory from your computer in real time

Dynamic visualisation technology reproduces location, movement and speed of machines and tracks inventory through the factory. It has navigation and zoom capabilities, and is fed with real-time data - allowing production engineers and factory workers to access enhanced monitoring.

Record and Replay

Leverage production data to visualise production events and incidents

The record and replay module can access stored production data to replay any sequence of events and provide a dynamic picture of any timed sequence. The module complements raw production data and makes analysis of events and incidents easier and faster.

Virtual Commissioning and Digital Twin

Leverage 3D models to create the perfect warehouse

Virtual Commissioning

By building a 3D model of a warehouse, virtual commissioning can be used to develop a solution and test it extensively before it is constructed on site. This allows installation and set-up time to be minimised, which, in turn, greatly reduces factory or warehouse downtime.

Digital Twin

The digital twin makes it possible for your teams to simulate various production scenarios to test their impact on productivity. This eliminates the need for real-world tests, allowing your engineers to fine-tune production without any negative impact on factory output.

The digital twin is also a virtual replica of a complete installation. This replica can be used to test and approve software adaptations before systems go live, which, again, minimises downtime.

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