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Level 2 (WMS)

Control, monitor and optimise material flow in and out of your warehouse

CTI's WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a comprehensive tool for controlling, monitoring and optimising complex material flows.

It integrates data from Level 1 systems and inventory to deliver a quick and intuitive package that enables teams to monitor, control and operate your warehouse and transport materials and goods to and from the factory floor.


What can you expect from our WMS?

Machine and inventory management

  • Management of the transport units
  • Materials and Inventory Management
  • Location and zone management
  • Transport task list (MFC – Material Flow Control)
  • Production configuration & overview
  • Messaging system

Data collection and transmission

  • Real-time data
  • System overview
  • L3/L4 interface history
  • Configuration and administration of all base data and parameters

User Interface

  • Easy configuration of data displayed
  • Search and filter options in all table views
  • Easy copying of table contents
  • Easy configurable exports of all tables
  • Parameter administration
  • System Administration

Advanced Visualisation

Intuitive graphic user interface
  • Simple and complete overview of the transport units with all data
  • Overview and management of all materials handled by the system (types, categories, etc.)
  • Management of all material flow locations and their characteristics
  • Overview of all transport orders
  • Overview of all data exchanged with L3/L4 systems
  • Message system with direct access via OPC UA
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