Mobile User Interfaces - Online Spare Parts Catalogue

Mobile User Interfaces - Online Spare Parts Catalogue

Information at your fingertips

Mobile User Interfaces

Computer, Smartphone and Tablet: access when you need it, where you need it

Whenever your team members need real-time access to the relevant data, CTI Systems is there to help, thanks to our easy-to-use and secure apps for computers, tablets and smartphones.

What can you expect from our app?


  • Access the basic functions of your warehouse control system
  • Manage all basic data for transport units, items, orders and parameters


  • Get real-time access to all relevant maintenance data (e.g. alarms, device states) for immediate evaluation and action
  • Use the WMS standard routines for error handling right inside the app
  • Obtain statistics to improve the system

Key Figures

Access the KPIs for your most important parameters in real time, allowing you to monitor performance and react at any moment.

Online Spare Parts Catalogue

Access technical documentation and order spare parts

Do you require a spare part, or do you need to consult technical documentation? CTI Systems' online Spare Parts Catalogue is the quickest way to find the answers you are looking for.

What can you expect from our spare parts catalogue?

  • 24/7 Mobile access via smartphone or tablet
  • Information and technical documentation on all spare parts
  • Technical documentation for your projects
  • All your projects at a glance
  • Environmental-friendly paperless solution
  • Easy redirection to your contact person at CTI Systems
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