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Docking Systems

Docking systems are situated alongside the aircraft to enable access to any working area

To ensure secure working conditions it is essential that the dimensions of the aircraft are taken into consideration, while folding railings and fall-prevention equipment also contribute to the safety of workers. Media supplies such as water, compressed air, electricity and lighting can be installed where required.

Various types of docking system are available to allow all areas of the aircraft that require servicing to be reached safely:

  • Wing docks
  • Fuselage docks
  • Nose docks
  • Tail docks
  • Engine docks

If larger aircraft components have to be replaced and tested, the dock’s sliding platforms and sliding sheets can be deployed quickly and efficiently and adjusted to the optimal lateral position.

Using standard equipment from its range of docking systems, CTI Systems has built several final assembly line stations for various high profile aviation companies.

WiFi Docks

CTI Systems’ WiFi dock is a dedicated working platform that provides safe access to an aircraft’s fuselage crown areas to allow WiFi antenna and similar parts to be reached with ease. Fully height adjustable, this particular piece of equipment also ensures easy and convenient access from ground level to the aircraft’s interior space.

WiFi docks comprise one, two or three modules, depending on the aircraft type, and are suitable for both narrow and wide-bodied aircraft.

Tail XS dock

The innovative CTI Systems’ Tail-XS provides maintenance and service engineers with access to the aircraft’s VTP stabiliser. Particularly suitable for hangars with restricted ceiling heights, the Tail XS dock uses integrated multi-level tail dock technology in combination with a CTI teleplatform. All necessary media and tools can be provided to different platform levels as required to guarantee the ultimate flexibility when working on the aircraft’s vertical tail plane.

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