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Level 3 (MES)

Save costs, improve quality and productivity and drive customer satisfaction

Integrate with production

The Manufacturing Execution System - or MES - is the IT system used to manage the entire manufacturing operations across your factory.

The MES integrates data from Level 1 and Level 2 systems to build a comprehensive real-time view of the factory that can be used to control and monitor operations. Implementing a CTI System MES results significant gains, including:

  • Cost control: lower setup times and minimal downtime thanks to the identification of weak points
  • Quality assurance: access to production data to detect and correct errors, identify improvement opportunities, and reduce the number of defective products
  • Productivity: real-time supervision of operations to monitor production speed, spot bottlenecks and sub-optimal use of machinery, and identity areas for improvement
  • Customer satisfaction: more opportunities to fine-tune production to customer requirements

What can you expect from our MES? 

Product Definitions

Creating production templates for every product or product type: production flow, individual operations, machine setups, machine speeds, materials needed (and link with WMS), output…

Production Planning

  • Sequencing production orders using customised planning parameters to ensure both optimal factory output and timely delivery to clients
  • Availability check for input (materials) and machines

Production Orders

  • Production order properties
  • Resource requirements
  • Material requirements
  • Consumed materials
  • Produced materials
  • Production parameters
  • Quality control

Current Production State

  • Production execution according to planning
  • Real-time monitoring and automated feedback for every connected workstation
  • Easy consultation of ongoing production processes and comparison with planning estimates

Production result

  • Presentation of all executed production steps with the reported result

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